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High-end management training courses

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High-end management training courses

- "New Generation Employee Management" agenda

Through  the Cenozoic Management Training Program, managers can learn from the  behavioral patterns of Cenozoic employees and learn how to manage,  motivate, nurture, develop new generation of employees, and create a  team with a strong heart.

class schedule:

09: 30-09: 35 Moderator's welcome address

09: 35-10: 45 "Sketch" Cenozoic: Environment and Characteristics

Coffee Breaks 10: 45-11: 00

11: 00-12: 00 "activate" the new generation: communication and management (Part One)

13: 30-15: 15 "Activating" the New Generation: Communication and Management (Part Two)

15: 15-15: 30 Coffee Break

15: 30-17: 25 Embracing the New Generation: Learning and Innovation

17: 25-17: 30 Moderator gives the closing speech
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